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As a small town creative, I get just how hard it is to put yourself out there. And when you do, then what? Who's going to support you? Who's going to see you?

It's scary shit. Until you've created something you've poured yourself into and left it out for anyone and everyone to rip apart, you won't really know just what I mean. Supporting local(s) isn't just a wonderfully supportive gesture towards the makers themselves, its also necessary to keeping small towns and villages alive. I knew with this styled shoot I wanted to feature creatives from my neck of the woods. I had the stationary designed by Flourish, the handcrafted charcuterie boards by Run For The Hills Woodwork, the jewellery from Open Fire, the cake from Mandi's Desserts, and our lovely model, Helen, who is also a cafe/bakery owner in the village of Wakefield. 

Excuse the lack of lit candles and blowing hair and materials; we shot on what seemed like the windiest, coldest day in November on one of Wakefield's now out of operation steam train tracks, right alongside the gorgeous Gatineau River. Hoping to check back in with updated edits soon!