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Here we go!

I'm giving you fair warning. I've been wanting to start fresh for some time now and have finally decided to go for it. I'm much more confident, comfortable and sure of what I can offer and want to show it off. 

You’re going to start seeing a lot more ‘real’ posts around here. They won’t be for everybody. They won’t always be upbeat or witty. There will be swearing. There will be body parts that not everyone will want to see.  You'll hear about mistakes, laughs and personal stories just as you would if we were shooting together. What you won’t see is body shaming. You’re not going to see much (or any!) censoring on my part. You’re definitely not going to get any apologies for my work or opinions. I love what I do and I’m good at it.


For this to an honest rebrand I need to showcase me. My skills, my personality, my sass, my thoughts. And if you already know me, you know I’m not for everyone anyways ;) I've never been good at separating work from home life, so I'm going to throw away any boundaries. Can't very well ask for clients transparency if I won't take part myself, right?!

There’ll be no shiny, perfectly polished bubblegum pink glitter and ponies here. It’s going to be outspoken, sassy, sometimes crass, bold & real.


I completely get that this is not going to be for everyone, so if you are easily offended please unfollow or unlike; no hard feelings. I promise. It probably goes against my marketing background to ask people to stop following me, but you’ve been given fair warning.


But for those of you that are curious about what’s to come – here we go!