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June 15, 2019 was kind of a big deal.

My little sister(ish)…okay she’s really my little cousin but we’re basically attached at the hip, got married! Of course I was her MOH, but I also pulled double duty as her photographer. Not an easy task, but we managed.

Wedding days fly by. I don’t care how many times you tell yourself that you’ll have time to double check the tables, make breakfast for everyone, steam your own dress, and take the dogs for a walk.

You won’t. Harsh but true.

So when things come up last minute or sort of sideswipe original plans its handy to have people nearby to help whip up a Plan B/C/D. June 15, 2019 was some of the heaviest rain we’d seen this year. It was pouring buckets and no matter how much optimism everyone beamed, sometimes that just isn’t enough. We had originally planned to do a first look by an abandoned barn just down the road but after realizing the uncut field probably wasn’t the brightest plan, we set out to find another plan. After a couple calls to neighbours with barns, we lucked out. Did we ever luck out.

The lighting in the hayloft was some of the most dramatic I’d seen in a long time. It was kind of a whirlwind of peonies, the greenest grass, a barn cat that desperately wanted camera time and of course some barn beers. Needless to say the day didn’t unfold as planned, but it didn’t matter. It didn’t matter that we were soaked from the knees down, or that the ceremony had to be quickly jammed under the reception tent, or that the entrance had become a decent contender for a mud run pit. What mattered was the folks around who made it special, seamless, fun and memorable.

And so if you’re planning your big day just know that you may not have all the time in the world to sort out the smallest details the morning of, but know that the people you brought on to help carry the load have your back and only want the best for the happy couple - I know Ellen & Kevin’s crew did.


If you could imagine a real life version of a Nicholas Sparks movie, Allison and Tristan are just that.

Roll equal parts bubbly, charming, funny, sweet and smooshy into one and there you have it - a couple beautiful people with infectious personalities. Photographing couples in love has to be the best part of my job, not to mention the easiest. C’mon - it’s pretty much impossible to NOT capture a cute moment between them!


Jenn and Alain have a household that rivals the funniest/goofiest sitcom there is. It’s loving chaos with a healthy dose of toddler giggles and squeals, sneaky kisses and puppy breath.

I’ve known Jenn for years and years and she hasn’t changed one bit. She’s still the most down to earth, hilarious woman ever. And it’s been said over and over again throughout my blogging and social media posts, but I cannot believe this is my job. That people pick me and let me hang out with them and their families, capturing those funnysweetloving half seconds that will mean the world to them.

Take a look - bet you can’t stop yourself from smiling! :)


Clearly the most Canadian engagement session I’ve done so far!

While I’m not the most graceful person (understatement of the century!!), meeting Sabrina and Derek at their local hockey rink was by far one of the cutest ideas I’ve heard of in a while.

Here are just a few of these two lovebirds; and guys, I somehow managed to NOT wipe out! Win-Win!


As a small town creative, I get just how hard it is to put yourself out there. And when you do, then what? Who's going to support you? Who's going to see you?

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