Ya know the boudoir that's super glam with red lips, super smokey eyes with two cans of hairspray keeping it all together? I hate that shit. 

Seriously. I mean, whatever floats your boat but I prefer my boudoir sessions to be as natural as possible. I don't even like using studio lighting. Au naturale, baby. And after a few natural boudoir sessions with stunning women in front of the lens, I was craving a mister. It's different, it's edgy and its outside the box. But when I started out on my hunt for a male model I was laughed at because the first image that comes to mind is George Costanza on the couch in his socks and white undies. Not my cup of tea but I'm sure he does it for some ;)

Enter Tim. A tall, bearded, tattooed, blue-eyed, Australian knock out - basically a list of check marks on every woman's (and some guys!) must-have list. The best part? He was down for letting me shoot him boudoir style (I even think he was a bit excited about it?!). I know, I know...calm down.

We've since become friends and as awesome as that is it means I get to use him as a victim..er..model for future projects. Here's a few of the oh-so-many perfect shots we captured that day. And don't forget to pick your jaw up on the way out.