When I began looking for a plus size woman to model for me, I had no idea I'd end up with someone like Ivy. 

Almost every day I hear "I'm not skinny enough to take boudoir pictures/I don't have the body for that/what would (whoever) think if I did that??"...but I call bullshit. Taking boudoir photos isn't vain or lewd. It's empowering and reassuring. 

Looking at Ivy you would think she's someone who's done this before; someone who's comfortable baring it all and being in front of the camera. She's not...sort of. Like a lot of women she's dealt with the self hate, the name calling, the cat calls, and the feeling of being completely disgusted with yourself because of how you look. Or because of how you've been made to feel for just looking  a certain way, or even just being a woman. Sexual assault, bullying and even giving birth in less than ideal circumstances didn't stop her from wanting to do this and to prove a point to herself. Ivy is an incredibly body positive person and told me many times throughout our session that "If you have a body, you've got the right body for this". 

I'm not usually this serious in my writing but this subject is a touchy one with me. Being plus size myself my entire life I can totally relate to not feeling good/pretty/sexy/cute enough on all fronts. I only wish more women would see this and know they're not hanging out in left field all alone - you're gorgeous!!

I'll spare the entire novel and whole story for now, but I just wanted to share a few of my favourites from her session. So here's her (and my) middle finger to the haters.